Cage Comforters and Cat-Nippers

Did you know that pretty cage comforters actually increase adoptions since the animals appear to be more adoptable lying on their colorful little beds instead of crouched in shredded newspapers?

The comforters not only ease the stress of these homeless and abandoned little creatures, they also make for a smoother transition when the animals are adopted since they take their comforters with them to their new homes.

Would you or your group like to help with the sewing?



If you would like to make some cage comforters for us – here are some easy instructions:

CAGE COMFORTERS SPECIFICATIONS: Comforters can be made from any type of material except looped fabric like chenille or terry cloth that might get snagged in the animal’s nails. They should be a finished size of 12″ x 18″, but this can be vary slightly as long as they aren’t smaller than that. The comforters can be stuffed with various types of material, but polyester batting and old mattress pads work best because it dries quicker after laundering. All materials should be machine washable.


1. Cut the material and batting or mattress pad – three pieces cut 13″ x 19″ allowing an extra inch around for seams.

2. Put the right sides together but before you do – slip in the cut mattress pad or batting between the two pieces of fabric.

3. Sew around 3 sides.

4. Turn material right side out.

5. Sew across the bottom edge.

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Cat-Nippers – handmade mouse sized pillows stuffed with organic catnip. A little crazy fun to brighten a lonely day.


Soft and Cozy Comforters – not as nice as a hug, but close.